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R-view contains some real short reviews of some of the movies I've liked over the years. Most of them are 140 character posts as they used to be my tweets (@mrzoozoo) This blog was created for (the purpose of showing off my INSANE movie review skills :p) some class assignment purposes. So don't frown if you don't find enough text in there to make you like or watch the movie. Hey you can always Google! :)

August 8, 2010

R-view : The Bridges Of Madison County

Some years back I was watching  Mystic River and I noticed 'Clint Eastwood' credited as the director. I went WTF, isn't that the guy from the wild west movies, the gun-toting, horse-riding machismo? What is he doing directing a drama? By the time I finished the movie I was awestruck with the wonders he was capable of doing as a director, a very good one at it. 

The same sensation followed with Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers and Gran Torino. And this time I started watching the movie, a drama about a house wife and her secret affair, without much expectations even though I never knew Meryl Streep could look so pretty. There was a couple of scenes where my mouse pointer almost made it to the seek bar to fast-forward but soon I got so hooked to the movie that as it ended and the titles ran up, I went awestruck again with that sensation again, just like how it felt some years back. This time it felt good. Real good. One of the best romantic dramas ever.

Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Annie Corley
Favorite quote: 'Love won't obey our expectations, it's mystery is pure and absolute.'

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