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August 8, 2010

R-view : Soul Kitchen

My favorite director (yes there is a long list of them, my favorites) Mr. Fatih Akin at his first out and out comedy. And guess what, it's a winner! With his favorites in the cast including Birol Unel, the gentleman from his much acclaimed Head-On (which made me fall head-on to his fan base), Akin is back 2 years since his last feature. This time he has with him a small story featuring two brothers Zinos, a small time cook and Illias, a small time crook, and their life surrounding a run-down local restaurant called Soul Kitchen. 

The movie moves through small incidents and  a handful of weird characters who set the scene for the laugh riot. The best part of the movie other than the rib tickling scenarios is the music. Mind-blowing is the word. After the wonderful OST of Head-On and the traditional music from Crossing the Bride, one can easily guess what Fatih Akin is capable of when it comes to syncing the scenarios to music. There is hardly a scene without music in the movie, all precisely set to match the mood. Kudos to whoever has compiled the OST. Don't expect the brilliance of usual Akin movies in Soul Kitchen, this is a fun ride, a controlled one, with that feel-good tag splashed all over it.

Director: Fatih Akin
Cast: Adam Bousdoukos, Birol Unel, Moritz Bleibtreu
Favorite quote: 'Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.'

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