About R-view

R-view contains some real short reviews of some of the movies I've liked over the years. Most of them are 140 character posts as they used to be my tweets (@mrzoozoo) This blog was created for (the purpose of showing off my INSANE movie review skills :p) some class assignment purposes. So don't frown if you don't find enough text in there to make you like or watch the movie. Hey you can always Google! :)

December 22, 2010

R-view 140: Fudoh

Most violent gangster flick ever. So real action and weird sex seq'. Revenge. Unlike new-school, slow and surprising. Raw. A bit surreal.

R-view 140: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Good, as the final part in a trilogy. Starts frm whr last one left. Some random plot.

R-view 140: The Girl Who Played with Fire

Better than the third part. Different director, it shows. Still interesting plot, broadens the back story.

R-view 140: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best of the lot. Swedish. Lots of back stories. Does not affect the basic plot. Brilliant. The lead lady takes it all. Trivia: To be remade in English by David Fincher.

December 21, 2010

R-view 140: Hachiko

True story of a pet dog. Yea, cheesy enough for all those 'awww' moments. Good watch. Emotional. Richard Gere*****

R-view 140: Love in the Time of Hysteria

Spanish. Who wud have thought Alfonso CuarĂ³n's made a rom-com! Tat too a sensuous one. Comedy/Subtle satire/Crazy movie where nothing is what you expect or wish. True gem. A must-watch recommendation from me follows. "For those sick of life, love is the cure."

December 19, 2010

R-view 140: Chaos Theory

Expected a rom-com or sci-fi. It was a feel-good. Ryan Reynolds looks matured. Delicate conflicts. Kinda cute. Too bright interiors, kills the mood. Does not connect to the name whatsoever!

December 18, 2010

R-view 140: Aashayein

Anaitha Nair steals the show. John dying to give 100% and Kukunoor? Doubt it. Melodrama. Light in parts. Has its moments. Hope is a beautiful thing if you wanna make a movie on it.

R-view 140: The Film Emotional Atyachar

Guy Ritchie gone desi? Weird quirky plot, dialogues and cast. Kalki wasnt very convincing. Light. Good directorial debut.

R-view 140: The Town

Ben Affleck's second is a winner. My fav genre: Heist + Chase. Tight scripted thriller. Predictable.

R-view 140: Kutty Srank

Lush. Better magic than realism. So many layers. Mammootty has a stiff face. Once in a while masterstroke. Shaji N. Karun*****

R-view 140: Action Replayy

The obvious plagiarism. Leaving tat out, wacky and retro all the way. Funny in parts. Akshay leads the laugh riot. And lots of bling. Tatz it.

R-view 140: Smash His Camera

Docu. The paparazzi life explained. Best of Hollywood's candid moments. Lotta old world details. Interesting. Engaging.

R-view 140: Rakht Charitra I

Gore. Narrative sounded funny, like a fable. Usual RGV characters, tone, camera, action, smirks, expressions etc. Thrilling BGM. Vivek Oberoi****

December 8, 2010

R-view 140: Monster

Gloomy yet oozing fresh. Charlize Theron, woah! Tatz all folks, brilliant. New entry to my top fav flicks of all time.

R-view 140: Anjaana Anjaani

SLOW. Priyanka: Drunk chick act - fail. Ranbir: Wait he was fun in parts. Boring plot anyways. Seen it over n over.

R-view 140: Wait Until Dark

Audrey my love. True indoor thriller. Very convincing plot and build up. Brilliant casting. Not very dark. Dramatic, yeah.

R-view 140: 7 Days

French. Murder. Revenge. Torture. Reminded of Antichrist. Too cold.

R-view 140: Urf Professor

First impression: "F yea!" A movie with balls. And such convincing performances. Funny. Dark. Won't be released, for sure. Lots of cuss words, one every 10 secs?

R-view 140: Do Dooni Chaar

Light. Rishi Kapoor at his best! Settings u can relate to. Middle-class jokes all the way. Lovable cast and characters. Gem.

December 5, 2010

R-view 140: Peepli [Live]

Kaminey media! Sarcasm, satire, everything u can think of a.k.a cliched. Wonderful performances. Universal theme. Oscar worthy? Doubt it. Reminded of (Uberto Pasolini's) 'Machan' and Mad City in parts. Way off-beat. All kudos to the debutantes.

November 30, 2010

R-view 140: The Last House on The Left

Bloody thriller! Creepy all the way. Beautiful twists, violent, but realistic like hell. Mixed emotions. Reminded of Funny Games.

R-view 140: The Proposal

Anothr Ryan Reynolds rom-com flick. They all look the same. Sandra Bullock is old; boring. No new jokes. Predictable.

R-view 140: Madholal... Keep Walking

Neatly shot (message) movie. Wish the cast dint keep looking at the cam half the time. Drama. Boring in parts. Worth a watch for the message the movie is trying (hard) to portray. An honest attempt.

November 28, 2010

R-view 140: Dazed And Confused

From the Before Sunrise/Sunset guy! High school, pot, rock music, nerds, flirts and Ben Affleck as a teen. Very very real. In the genre of all those cult American high school college flicks of the 80s-90s like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Breakfast Club, Pump Up The Volume etc. 


R-view 140: Just Friends

Good to see Ryan Reynolds. My weakness, these cheesy movies. Reminded of Sweet Home Alabama. Usual lovey dovey flick. Fun. I could relate to it. Strange.

November 20, 2010

R-view : Guzaarish

Call me cheesy. Call me crap. Guzaarish is good. A precious piece of emotion, well executed on the celluloid, like never before in desi cinema. Inspired by The Sea Inside, (and bits of Prestige maybe, but not all movies on magicians have to be inspired by it right!) yes. Still to watch the movie unveil in the Bhansali-verse, its one mind blowing experience. Pure cinematic grandeur. The touch-of-class cinematography, saturated tones, aristocratic Brit costumes, the characters from another world, the obvious cleavage, the debuting music director (SLB himself), its all good. I might not watch it again or even care to sit through it again, like Saawariya. But I will remember it for the rest of my life and recommend it to the best of people. Hrithik***** at the best of his roles? I think so. Don't correct me. Ethan will teach you how it is to be locked-in, I twisted in my seat for some seconds. Now I understand why the folks from I Hate Luv Storys made fun of SLB as the over-rated, over-dramatic director; but also as someone who makes the best love stories. Sau gram zindagi...

November 17, 2010

R-view 140: Madeo

Mother. As usual, evrythng 'Korean' abt it. Murder, detectives, misfits, sleazy girls. Reminds of Memoirs of Murder (Same director of course). Good plot. Detailing.

November 7, 2010

R-view 140: 8MM

Disturbing dark behind-the-scenes of snuff films. Tight scripted thriller. Genuine emotions you can relate to. Hard-on. Nicholas Cage*****

R-view 140: The Time Traveler's Wife

I expected a sci-fi romance. Nothing science. All romance. Real life. Sensuous. Have to read the book. There has to be more of this feeling, where you wish to have a different matured version of the same person every time you fight with the same. Quote: "I never wanted to have anything in my life that I couldn't stand losing. But it's too late for that. It's not because you're beautiful and smart. I don't feel alone anymore. Will you marry me?"

R-view 140: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

More CGI than Avatar I bet! Hilarious in parts. Michael Cera is the nerd u always were, will be. Fun trip.

October 25, 2010

R-view 140: Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi

Comedy, satire, call it whatever u want. It's pure brilliance. Real old story in a one of a kind period bottle. Vadivelu is a total star! And the Tamil tongue-twister period slang is amazing. Smiles all the way, this one.

October 22, 2010

R-view 140: Dabangg

Lovely cop, south-style action, funny/rude-one liners, satirical in parts. Fun ride. Nice plot, settings. Salman**** Sonakshi***** A bit slow here and there and has the warning written all over: NOT FOR THE SERIOUS FILM FOLK! Robin-hood Pandey is Dabangg!

R-view 140: Knight And Day

Another come-back vehicle for the once charming action hero. Fails. Worked for me though, old school slick action. Fun!

R-view 140: Cocktail

One of the best adaptations in recent times. Saw people give a standing ovation. Havnt seen one of those since TZP! Jayasoorya doesn't overplay and unarguably Anoop Menon's best of roles. Butterfly On A Wheel-ish. Thriller. Decent.

R-view 140: Anwar

Looohoong and boring in parts. Slick fights, cud hav been trimmed. Evry dialogue is a punch dialogue! Some of them, actually quotable. PrakashRaj***** Traitor-ish. Not destroying the movie's reputation, I used to be a fan of Amal Neerad stylishness. This is like an overdose. RGV wud be proud of his protege! Super stylish cam work. Looks like an sfx show reel in parts. Painfully slow.

October 17, 2010

R-view 140: Boss (E) Bhaskaran

Funny masala movie with all the right elements. Reminded of Kacheri Arambam in parts. Santhanam is da MAN! Nanbendaaaa! Arya***

October 9, 2010

R-view 140: My Wife is a Gangster 2

Haven't seen the first installation. But thoroughly enjoyed this one. Korean style comedy, action, slick editing etc.

R-view 140: From Paris with Love

Lotta ass-kicking action. Cliched plot and twist and all. Travolta was fun, but predictable. Frm the director of Taken and District B13???

R-view 140: Lafangey Parindey

Deepika topped the act but miscast for sure, Neil too. Nice music. Story familiar (Thullatha manavum..). Worth a watch.

September 29, 2010

R-view 140: Baran

Iranian. Realistic love. Seen the plot over and over in regional flicks. Majidi makes it heart-touching with lots of social undertones. Love.

R-view 140: Benny's Video

Only Michael Haneke could make such a movie and get away unnoticed. Simply shocking and weirdly violent. Disturbing. Slow.

R-view 140: Everything Is Illuminated

Very very fresh. A treat for the senses. Elijah Wood is magical. Funny. Simple plot. Road movie. Must watch.

September 26, 2010

R-view 140: The Orphanage

Not the spooky after-dark kinda horror. Subtle, classy chills and thrills all over. Nice story line. Mystery. No gore.

September 24, 2010

R-view 140: Let the Right One In

Brilliant story telling. Quite a shocker. Boy, 'girl', friendship, school bullies, fun, snow and one bloody vampire!

R-view 140: Romance and Cigarettes

One slut of a musical. Funny. Has the 'Coen Brothers' tone all over  it. Wonderful soundtrack. A bit slow. ps: In love with the poster.

September 22, 2010

R-view 140: My Uncle Killed a Guy

From the guys who made The Man Who Copied. Similar graphical/pizza styled narratives in between. Confusing plot. Random moments of fun. Edit*****

R-view 140: Monsoon Wedding

Confused bride. Gay lookin bro. Pedophile uncle. Cheesy Indian wedding. Naseeruddin Shah***** But yea, lots of life. And Randeep Hooda in a role where he actually smiles!

R-view 140: Lemon Tree

Lotta drama. Those first close ups of the lemon pickling sequence alone had me hooked. Politically one sided I believe. The pace doesn't fit.