About R-view

R-view contains some real short reviews of some of the movies I've liked over the years. Most of them are 140 character posts as they used to be my tweets (@mrzoozoo) This blog was created for (the purpose of showing off my INSANE movie review skills :p) some class assignment purposes. So don't frown if you don't find enough text in there to make you like or watch the movie. Hey you can always Google! :)

September 29, 2010

R-view 140: Baran

Iranian. Realistic love. Seen the plot over and over in regional flicks. Majidi makes it heart-touching with lots of social undertones. Love.

R-view 140: Benny's Video

Only Michael Haneke could make such a movie and get away unnoticed. Simply shocking and weirdly violent. Disturbing. Slow.

R-view 140: Everything Is Illuminated

Very very fresh. A treat for the senses. Elijah Wood is magical. Funny. Simple plot. Road movie. Must watch.

September 26, 2010

R-view 140: The Orphanage

Not the spooky after-dark kinda horror. Subtle, classy chills and thrills all over. Nice story line. Mystery. No gore.

September 24, 2010

R-view 140: Let the Right One In

Brilliant story telling. Quite a shocker. Boy, 'girl', friendship, school bullies, fun, snow and one bloody vampire!

R-view 140: Romance and Cigarettes

One slut of a musical. Funny. Has the 'Coen Brothers' tone all over  it. Wonderful soundtrack. A bit slow. ps: In love with the poster.

September 22, 2010

R-view 140: My Uncle Killed a Guy

From the guys who made The Man Who Copied. Similar graphical/pizza styled narratives in between. Confusing plot. Random moments of fun. Edit*****

R-view 140: Monsoon Wedding

Confused bride. Gay lookin bro. Pedophile uncle. Cheesy Indian wedding. Naseeruddin Shah***** But yea, lots of life. And Randeep Hooda in a role where he actually smiles!

R-view 140: Lemon Tree

Lotta drama. Those first close ups of the lemon pickling sequence alone had me hooked. Politically one sided I believe. The pace doesn't fit.

R-view 140: Crime Novel

Italian. Conventional crime movie with lots of details. One hell of a cast. Gangster. Mafia. All of it. Long.

R-view 140: Dobermann

French. Visually stunning and a festival of gore. Felt like puking in parts. OK I'm exaggerating. Grainy. Not much plot. Pulp-esque.

September 21, 2010

R-view 140: In July

Akin. Akin. Akin. Brilliance. I waited on this movie for so long. Rip-roaringly funny. And I thought Soul Kitchen was his first comedy!

R-view 140: Duplicity

Confusing. Reminded of the Ocean's series. I adore Clive Owen, so its hard. Some interesting moments. Some forgettable plot.

R-view 140: Central Station

Brazilian. Road trip movie. Simple plot. Rude, raw, very very real characters. Heart warming.

September 18, 2010

R-view 140: Whip It

Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. Story of the underdog (again). Gurly in parts. Some neat moments. Excellent performances. Like.

R-view 140: Shooting Fish

Con game movie. Lots of brilliant cons. Flat characters. Feel good movie just for the fun of the genre.

September 16, 2010

R-view 140: The Informant

Too much corporate-humour/details was a turn off. Matt Damon was fun. Kinda satirical plot too. That is it! Not Soderbergh stuff. Period.

September 15, 2010

R-view 140: Pranchiyettan & The Saint

Hurray! Renjith delivers another hilarious satire that strikes the right chords. Mammooty is awesomeness. Such a versatile actor. Let alone the Thrissur slang, the expressions, the movements, the body language. Im a fan now. A gold mine, that guy! Rib tickling one liners and scenarios. Unstructured narrative, works well. Lotta intrsting characters. A bit Munnabhai-sh. 
In short, Pranchiyettan kalakki kaduku varuthootta!

September 14, 2010

R-view 140: Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai

Surprisingly low violence. Stylish dialogues. Ajay Devgan in one of his best. Good to see Randeep Hooda on screen (talking about D this time).

R-view 140: Shikkar

Old school action thriller. Intriguing settings and back story in the second half. Crappy comedy track reminds of tamil movies, could have been avoided. Mohanlal still reminds of most other macho characters of his, but better than the recent duds. Kailash disappoints. The flashback sequences are a treat. Padmakumar proves his worth since Vargam.

R-view 140: Exam

Thrilling. Lots cud happen inside a room. Expected lotta gore, but it was all neat. Ending cud have been better.

September 12, 2010

R-view 140: Elsamma Enna Aankutty

Forgettable. Jagathy Sreekumar steals the show with all the comedy. Ann disappoints on first impression. Moments of brilliance yea. Indrajit-Kunchakko Boban***** Reminds of most othr Lal Jose films. He proves (again) tat he is still capable of making crappy drama. Such blunt senti moments with heavy dramatic/sick BGM.

R-view 140: Madrasapattinam

Period movie. Heavily inspired from Titanic and Lagaan, the narrative too. Seductive CG, DI, cinematography. G.V.P***** Amy Jackson is pretty all the way.

R-view 140: Coraline

A bit scary. Has a post-apocalyptic look to it. Neat animation, some AWE-some moments.

R-view 140: Meeting Woody Allen

Documentary. Short. Jean Luc Godard's (wacky) interview with Woody Allen on some serious topics. Crazy.

R-view 140: Tere Bin Laden

Funny. Satirical and definitely done on a low budget. Some nice one liners and good acting. Worth a watch. Slapstick.

September 6, 2010

R-view 140: Ali

Docu styled. Digital in parts, the Mann mark. Not an Ali-the-boxer movie. Biographical. Strictly biographical. No stings.

R-view 140: Udaan

Any review I do on this movie will definitely be insufficient to match its brilliance. Catharsis. Wonderful talents. All thumbs up. We have seen lots of movies on growing up or coming of age or troubled teenage or wotever. But they were not Udaan. Fly high. Outrun.

September 5, 2010

R-view 140: Rififi

French. Jules Dassin. They call it the Mother of all Heist Movies. I nod yes, after havin witnessed the near 30 min silent heist sequence. Noir.

R-view 140: Les Choristes

French. Wonderful movie. 
"LeClerc, are we still friends? 
How much is 5+3? 
You sure? 
Can't believe I turned my back on this flick for a year before I finally saw it.

September 2, 2010

R-view 140: Roger Dodger

A study in sex, females, perceptions, chauvinism, sarcasm. Nthing much. Some clever jokes. Irritatingly-shaky cinematography.