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R-view contains some real short reviews of some of the movies I've liked over the years. Most of them are 140 character posts as they used to be my tweets (@mrzoozoo) This blog was created for (the purpose of showing off my INSANE movie review skills :p) some class assignment purposes. So don't frown if you don't find enough text in there to make you like or watch the movie. Hey you can always Google! :)

August 1, 2010

R-view 140: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

The Saints are back. So are the Beretta, the DesertEagle, the Colt and the Mossberg. Bang bang. Troy Duffy packs everything we fans were looking out for. Even throws in a Mexican for the fun part! Haven't felt this high since the original Saints and parts of Basterds. Edge of the seat "gratuitous violence". "Erin go Braugh". What the fuck does that mean? Murphy: It's Irish for "you're fucked".

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